When you’re plugged into your phone for a portion of your day, it’s good to find comfort in things that boost your mood, rather than push you towards negative feelings you somehow attach to yourself.

Our list is a combination of what Melted Butter is — inspiration, streetwear, luxury design, and food, interpreted in our own way. We wanted to keep the list tight so it’s an easy read and then we’ll leave you to go get lost in their accounts.

There are so many artists, influencers, and designers who deserve the spotlight, we will make sure we share more of our favourites from loving local to lusted living.

Picking our first seven features was hard enough, but that’s a good problem to have when it comes to seeking out things that give you fuzzy feelings. What are some of your favourite accounts and what do you look for when you hit follow?

by: tom and mary // melted butter

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