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let’s melt some butter
You’ve made it to our intro, so that means there is part of you that wants to hear what we’ve got to say, so thank you! Quick disclaimer: some of our material will be colourful in language to say the least, so if you get easily offended this might not be the spot for you. We are give and go people who preach positive things, so know that we are coming from a good place.  

Finding your voice takes time and we wanted to be authentic so we can connect with like-minded people who want to continue the conversation. So… How did we get here?

Melted Butter came out of spontaneity. I had been freelancing, working contract positions, and had no objective to start a full-time company like this at the time. With some changes happening in my career, I was guided by the mentality that I had ten years of corporate marketing experience, was teaching more than I could be taught, and noticed missed opportunities that needed improvement… but I didn’t have a voice in my role to do so. With my husband’s knowledge in food and hospitality, we saw an opportunity to combine our expertise. Melted Butter was born from a list of likes, a longer list of dislikes, and falling in love with the idea that melting butter was usually the first step in a great recipe. So, we ran with that.

I’m Mary. You’ll find me in the marketing corner — planning, creating, and running day to day admin. My background is in art direction and design, so I get to be part of some pretty cool projects. I have a lot of shoes and have been collecting since I was fourteen (don’t worry about it). Regardless of my love for streetwear, I am a sucker for avant-garde pieces intricately made by hand, and high fashion styles that take years to make. I work out of our home; we have a little photo studio and can create what inspires us. I’ll share more behind the scenes projects and an inside look into our space so you can see how we create our content.

Tom is the other half of Melted Butter (as well as my other half). He works full-time as an executive chef but on flip side he’s a witty copywriter, menu developer, and leads the hospitality side of our operation. He’s fluent in Croatian and his 86 y/o grandma is his best friend; she started teaching him how to cook when he was 3.

In 2017, he travelled to France to cook for celebrities at the Cannes International film festival, and yes,  those Facetime calls made me painfully jealous. Seeing him in a tux on the red carpet alongside celebs was a sight.  I’ll try to get him to show his face a little more, but he will share some of his favourite recipes that you need—to—try. Tom and I went to high school together; he was friends with one of my older brothers. It’s a fun story to tell. He too has a lot of shoes.

We got married at the end of September ‘17, a temperature of 40
o (what the actual f-ck?) welcomed us as husband and wife. We thought September would be the perfect month for weather and, despite my girls flawlessly sweating it out in black bridesmaid’s dresses, it was the perfect day and night. We rented a gorgeous hall in Stoney Creek, ON for two days to tackle decorations, mise en place, and to make sure all final details were in place to spoil our guests with an evening of great food, awesome music, and jumbo Connect Four. We asked our DJ to start in the ’50s and take us on through to the 2000’s — where the dancing didn’t stop under the stars. Tom and his team catered the entire meal, including a mountain of food at midnight with monogrammed takeout containers, so no food was wasted.  

If it was up to our European families, we’d be in the company of 600+ people, but luckily, we only had 135. During the dessert course, Tom went around to every single one of our guests to do a table/quality check on the food. Take the chef out of the kitchen, but can’t take the kitchen out of the chef.

Our 10+ year old (sorry we lost track) Australian Shepperd, Lucy, is hilarious and plays us like a fiddle. Travelling is a front-runner in our favourite things to do (pre-covid, crying emoji); trying culinary specialties, hitting top reviewed spots, seeing different architecture, and eating our way around Disney World (#dolewhip), to name a few.  Also, sneakers. We love sneakers. We’d tell you how many pairs we have (including matching pairs) but putting that number in writing would make it too real.

Diversity is something we take seriously and proudly support. We are advocates of working with all backgrounds and are greatly inspired by other cultures within our style and work. Earlier this year, we started a creative mentorship initiative to empower and support the BIPoC community. We have paired off teams within culinary, modeling/pose, fashion design, and makeup artistry programs. There are over twenty-five additional mentors who have backgrounds in film, real estate, graphic design, sculpture, floral design, dance, photography, yoga, and tonnnn more. Our goal is to continue connecting with other programs to build confidence and strengthen our ties as a community. If you’d be a good fit as mentor or mentee, connect with us any time or apply by visiting our mentorship page in our menu.

Our Fall relaunch is to (re) introduce Melted Butter to our creative community because we can’t wait to collaborate with more of you! We love working with brands who take risks and while we respect boundaries, we have no problem pushing borders to make a statement. We plan to feature other products and services because society succeeds when we support each other. Though our team is small, we are a creative branding and digital studio that collaborates with trusted freelancers and VA’s — so we can give you the support of a marketing department as an extension of your team.  

I’ll leave this with an open invitation to learn more about us and why working with Melted Butter is more than just having fun while getting sh-t checked off your to-do-before-you-launch list. We create relationships that we want to see succeed and offer resources beyond finishing a project. Do have any questions about us and if we can help you? Send us an email about your project and we’ll get in touch at  Our goal is to help you be better, with Butter!

Thanks, Hamilton+! Stay hungry for more.

by: mary barac //
creative big kid at mb

dining pre-covid at one of our favourite restaurants — joe beef in montreal
fun fact: chef david mcmillan took this picture