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what to [not] expect when starting a business
To the ones who came before us and the ones who will come after us, starting a business can be anything but predictable even when you plan for it. Staying on top of your to-do’s is a huge support system for getting started but depending on the venture you’re launching, you need to prepare for all things planned and unpredicted.

When we started building Melted Butter, it was because we were seeing fixable problems within our roles — whether it was resources, logistics, budget, or lack of strategy.

I’m a huge advocate for trying new things and taking a leap into research, planning and testing… which doesn’t
always align with structured corporations. On the contrary, I’ve been in roles that let me fly with my ideas, so I knew there was value in our business idea.

So, where did we start? We had a completely different idea of what MB ‘should’ be doing (based on our experience). We wanted a one-stop marketing and events space for hosting, design, and creative catering. It all sounded great until my chef/husband/business partner was working 85-hour weeks and taking on way too much. It was time to re-evaluate.

We decided to shift into a different, but familiar space; content creation and marketing within fashion, beauty, food, and drink. The balance was much better for Tom’s schedule; he could set time aside for copywriting and conceptualizing without being overwhelmed by the tasks of his kitchen. We took a concept and we made it an opportunity. Looking back at our decisions, and with the changes that happened this year, thank f—k that we did.

Finding solutions within trial and error can test your patience, budget, and timeline. We want to share some things you should avoid, and if you’re already guilty of any of them — don’t sweat it. Be resourceful, you can always start again or adjust your plan!

5 Things to Avoid When You Start Your Business:

1 — Don’t Get Discouraged.

Pick up any rags to riches story and ask yourself if you’ve done all you could before you start doubting your journey.

Analyze why you’re feeling the way that you do. Is it because you can’t launch the way you envisioned? Start smaller. Are you comparing your biz to someone else’s? Go for a walk surrounded by nature and forget about them. Not where you want to be? Write down why and make a new plan.

Building a business is a long-term commitment that takes time and consistency. It will challenge every part of you but can also leave you feeling like a phoenix rising from the flames. Keep going and share your progress!

2 — Don’t Rush Into A Partnership.

This one is tough, especially when the excitement of ideas is flowing after a few brews and facetime with an old friend. Just because someone is a long-time sidekick, doesn’t mean they’re the perfect candidate to invest with.

We’re not saying to rule out partnership completely. We’re embarking on a product development launch with friends/partners that is working out amazingly — so why did I just contradict myself?

We took the time to make rules, be transparent about our financial commitments, and summarize role expectations. We reviewed and made realistic schedules, giving more responsibility to those who had time — because that’s what teams do.

Having a team is awesome, just make sure you’re getting into it for the right reasons and with people you can trust.

3 — Don’t Forget Why You’re Doing This.

Sure, we all get impulsive (insert Tom’s laugh here). As artists, we have a million ideas rushing through our heads that we wanted to start yesterday.

Never discount your passion, it will drive your goals beyond belief and create opportunities you didn’t know existed.

4 — Don’t Try To Do Everything Yourself.

Offering a marketing department to our clients doesn’t always sound feasible with two people, and we recognize that as leaders. When our projects are suited for a larger team, we collaborate with trusted industry photographers, editors, and outsource admin duties virtual assistants.

We truly believe in hiring and working with people who are better than us at something. We encourage brainstorming from every angle because that’s how good strategies and campaigns are created.

Ask for help, collaborate, start a team. Support is everything.

5 — Don’t Stop Evolving.

Things. Change. Fast. We’re talking products, marketing, customer service, media — there are always new platforms being introduced to help our businesses.

Try new services, take advantage of free trials, and ask questions! I’ve spent hours on the phone learning about new ways to connect with customers by just asking what the benefits are. Don’t be scared of things you don’t understand, watch a video or join communities that offer workshops and freebies.

Let’s get to the real reason why you’re here — how to build your business. We have seen friends and family members thrive as entrepreneurs — it has pushed us to challenge our ideas and we’re here to pay it forward.

We’ve included a value-packed pdf that breaks down how to get started, resources, marketing, and how we can help make it all happen.

We live and breathe creative direction and development, so if you’re overwhelmed by it all let’s set something up to talk about your goals!

by: mary barac //
creative big kid at mb

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